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About Us

China Fusion Chinese takeaway is located on 195 Bournemouth road, Parkstone, Poole and was opened in April 2014. We take pride in offering you the highest standards of quality and taste, specialized Chinese cuisine. Our dishes are all cooked fresh, using fine ingredients and authentic spices. Please have a look at our menu, you'll find there is a wide variety of dishes to suit all tastes; What we aim is to promote a healthy cooking style. Wherever possible we keep salt and sugar contents as low as we can and promise there is NO MSG adding. If you wish we can even reduce the amount of chilli in each dish or add more! Customization is POSSIBLE!

All our dishes are served with care by our Chinese chefs. We have a team of highly-skilled Chinese chefs, who are professional to prepare your order. And with our efficient and well organized delivery service, we are confident that you will be eating your delicious Chinese food on time.



What we aim is to promote a healthy cooking style.Wherever possible we keep salt and sugar contents as low most of the dishes are low in calories as we can and promise there is NO MSG adding.


Delivery Service

Delivery time normally take 45 minuets up to hour. Weekend may take 75 minuets and 90 minuets. If any request quick delivery please speak to our member team we happy to help. A delivery change of £1.00 will be applied to all orders within a 3 mile radius. Further charges will apply to areas outside of the 3 mile boundary.



Can China Fusion cater to my dietary requirement?
Yes. As we cook every order from scratch, our chefs expertly and in depth knowledge of the ingredients used, we will be able to cater to your need. Please check when placing your order and we will be happy to advice.
Why Food Franchise?
A recent study on UK food spending suggests we spend £30bn on takeaways and fast food each year. It also revealed that residents of one particular city average as many as 156 takeaways each a year! So the big question then is, what is the country's most popular type of takeaway cuisine? Well for the second year running, it's Chinese food.

It seems fair to say that the takeaway industry in the UK is doing very well indeed, but what of the franchise industry? According the annual survey carried out by the British Franchise Association and Nat West Bank, franchising in the UK has more than doubled in size in the last 20 years and now has a turnover of nearly £14bn. The report also goes on to say that in contrast to the 80% failure rate of new business start ups, 92% of franchise outlets are profitable.

"We think this combines to make a pretty powerful argument for investing in a takeaway franchise – let us tell you why it should be with China Fusion.

Does China Fusion pre-cook and microwave dishes?
No, China Fusion cooks every order from scratch. We follow the virtues that made China Fusion the most popular and respected Chinese takeaway in Poole , Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, our highly skilled chefs use fresh ingredients to create the best tasting dishes. Over the years China Fusion is a multiple time Best of the Best award winner.
Does China Fusion offer Gluten Free Dishes?
Yes. As we cook every order from scratch we can make 90% of our dishes gluten free. Some dishes are impossible to make without using gluten in the ingredients understandably. Please check when placing your order and we will be happy to advice. All our staffs are trained with knowledge in allergen prevention.
How long does delivery take?
We aim to deliver within 45-60 minutes. At times, like all cook-to-order restaurants we do get busy, but we'll let you know of any likely delays when you place your order and keep you updated.

Is there any way to get a quicker Delivery?

We always try to deliver as soon as we can but we've put together our top tips to ensure a quick order:

Order before 6:30pm or after 9:00pm. It's always quieter then as 7:00-8:30pm is our peak time.

Order when the weather's good. We get twice as many orders when it rains or snows (no one wants to be outside then).

Orders can be placed any time in advance, on special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, New Years Day and other bank holidays we will guarantee delivering within a one hour window if you order one day in advance.

Refund policy
Due to the perishable nature of the goods, we do not normally offer refund.
If you genuinely believe you have a reason for refund: please use the Feedback form
Any refund is at discretion of the management
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We at China Fusion take every review seriously in order to provide the best foods and service to our customers.